For three decades, we have been directly involved in projects to conserve some of China’s most important species, developing strategic and implementation plans to benefit the environment, people and wildlife. One of our cornerstones focuses around the successful reintroduction to China of the Pere David’s Deer (Milu in Chinese language), extinct in the wild for 1500 years or more.

Our expertise in this area dates back to the mid-1980s when the late Maria Boyd (founding co-partner of B&B Int'l with Dominic Bauquis) played a key role in the project from its inception to the 30th Anniversary of the reintroduction in 2015.  This project, one of very few 
such success stories worldwide, has been recognized as a globally important achievement, garnering considerable international respect for China. We continue to benefit from invaluable and enduring links formed with Chinese officials in this field as well as members of the Bedford family in the UK and conservation and environmental experts in many parts of the globe.
We have focused on ways to ensure that best practice is adhered to and developed, including the involvement of local communities, rehabilitation of natural habitat, and implementation of the concept of bio-waste to energy. These are at the core of a 15-year Master Plan (2011-2025) that we developed jointly for 
the Hubei Shishou Milu National Nature Reserve in association with Chinese and international experts. The Master Plan scored the highest accolades with the relevant authorities as Hubei’s first design for a Nature Reserve that protects a globally important species, and also benefits local people.
Other highly regarded environmental sustainability projects include facilitating international collaboration between China and other countries through specialized training seminars held in China with international speakers; and the signing of MoUs between Chinese and foreign wildlife conservation organizations and zoos.

Our partner in this field is UK-based ‘Landscape Conservation for People and Wildlife’ (www.landscapeconservation.org.uk) managed by Neil Maddison MBA. We also have valuable contacts with various foreign zoos such as the Jerusalem Zoo (Israel) and the Asa Zoo in Hiroshima (Japan).
Clients in this field include:
Hubei Environment Protection Bureau (PR China)
Hubei Shishou Milu National Nature Reserve (PR China)
Milu Park at Nan Haizi, Beijing
  (PR China)
VA Tech Wabag (Austria)
Woburn Abbey Deer Park (UK)
Wuppertal Zoo (Germany)